We spend the most time within rectangles, the primal shape that dominates contemporary existence. 
Softening right angles adds comfort in movement,

attention to detail pleases the eye.
Function and balance are the root of trend and style.         
People must enjoy arriving home.

 It is an investment in comfort and the future. 


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    Builder's History
  N.Y.C. in the early 60s; artists facing eviction from 

loft spaces in which they lived and worked.  

They fought to receive a new category;

A.I.R. -- Artists in Residence. 
    During that period loft renovations began and

I designed and constructed loft interiors. 
    Then NYC had a requirement called Key Money;

  Persons moving in could pay for the original renovation, but unfairly could not pass on the cost when moving out.
 Co-ops; buildings jointly owned by tenants

were attempted, but had minimal success. 

Condominiums; each unit owned independently

became successful.

Loft buildings first to convert, making loft rentals obsolete.

Moved to the Catskills built/renovated three homes.  
   Visited Montreal's Point St. Charles, and in the following years completed 3 lofts, 5 homes. 

Bill Dukas - Architect - Builder